From Tolmin with love – Coronini specialty coffee

About a year and a half ago, the Slovenian western city of Tolmin, by the most beautiful river Soča, got even richer – this time not (directly) related to natural beauties, but with new coffee masters that entered the Slovenian market with specialty coffee labeled Coronini. Behind the brand are enthusiastic youngsters that do not treat coffee just like a regular morning routine, but as an experience – like specialty coffee should be! And although one might think the near-Italian border would be of great influence to the Soča region of Slovenia with the presence of their strong brands, like Illy, the passion and hard work Coronini team has given into promotion is paying off – slowly but surely they are winning the hearts and minds of towns like Bovec, Kobarid and even some other Slovenian cities, like Murska Sobota.

And the coffee I tasted in a very nicely done presentation was simply divine!  Single origins that were prepared on espresso were Ethiopia, with a nice taste of plums and really strong on the acidity level, a nutty, peanut and hazelnut tasting Brazil and a refreshing, floral and orange tasting Columbia. Besides the mentioned, they also venture to Tanzania, Burundi and other places and make blends from 100% Arabica or a mix of 85% Arabica and 15% robusta.

Knowing that these days you simply need to be online, their shop, where you can order your excellent and always freshly roasted coffee is available here. And if you travel to Slovenia, do not miss out on meeting the team in person and get to know everything you always wanted about coffee – they are very knowledgeable and will be glad to talk to you!

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